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The OG (original) muslin swaddle wrap but with a new lease on life! Premium quality, extensive range and a larger size. Recreate that secure and cozy feeling of the womb by swaddling your baby, like parents have been doing for centuries. Swaddle up your new baby up like a cocoon, to keep their arms tucked in and keep them on their back, to prevent that startle reflex that often wakes them and causes them become unsettled.

Our infant swaddle wraps are made out of the soft bamboo cotton muslin blend. All wraps are 120 x 120cm allowing additional material so you can choose how tight your swaddle your baby and allow for growing room rather than having to buy varying sizes like you would with a sleepsack swaddle. There is no particular size guide for this product (so ideal for those preemie bubs too), although this product is suitable for swaddling up to 6 months. But never fear, as you transition them out of the swaddle from 6-12 months you can continue to use this well into the toddler years.

  • Also great to use for ~ Pram Cover, Nursing, Lightweight Blanket, Comforter, Burping Throw, Pram Blanket, Play Mat & more. 
  • Softer with every wash 
  • Extensive range of colours and patterns 
  • GOTs certified Organic Cotton
  • OEKO-TEX certified ~ NO harmful or nasty ingredients 
  • Easy care + machine washable 
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30 products


30 products