The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide: 20 of the BEST gifts for New Parents-to-be. They will be thanking you forever!!!

The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide: 20 of the BEST gifts for New Parents-to-be. They will be thanking you forever!!!

Discover the Perfect Baby Shower Gifts! Give a gift that isn't just the standard baby essentials like Nappies, Sudocream, and Baby Wipes!

Are you in search of the perfect baby shower gift that new parents-to-be will actually use and love? If you are anything like me, you go round and round in circles hoping that the gift will actually be something they need, rather than it sitting at the back of a cupboard. 

Well no need to stress, as I've got you covered!!! I know how overwhelming this can be, especially if you are like me and haven't had a baby yourself yet. I've done all of the research and rounded up the top 20 items that are not only thoughtful, but also incredibly practical and useful for the early days of parenthood. I know you are probably sitting there thinking, how on earth do you have any idea? I will never claim to be an expert,  I have however consulted the experts (our lovely customers and my friends who have recently had babies) and these are some of their personal recommendations, as well as some of the lovely brands we've come to know and love whilst exhibiting at the Pregnancy, Baby and Children Expos (PBC). So if the gift doesn't hit like we promised, then hate to break it to you, you might need to go and find a more appreciative friend.

From essentials to gadgets, toys to pampering experiences, these gifts are sure to impress and bring joy to the new mums and dads. In no particular order, below are some of our favourite suggestions. Also know, that we are in no way endorsed or sponsored by any of these companies, just simply our recommendations. 

  1. The Dinner Ladies Voucher: New parents are often pressed for time and energy, and a voucher from The Dinner Ladies, a meal delivery service that offers nutritious and delicious meals for families, is a thoughtful gift that provides much-needed convenience during those busy early days of parenthood.
    Check out Dinner Ladies Website 

  2. Swaddles (Both Cotton Lycra and Bamboo Cotton Muslin): Swaddling is a time-tested technique to soothe and comfort newborns. Swaddle blankets made of soft cotton lycra or bamboo cotton muslin are a practical and essential gift for new parents. They are versatile, breathable, and perfect for swaddling, burping, a nursing cover and so much more. We definitely have you covered on this one. A recent client endorsement- "our most loved gift from our baby shower is the Smitten 'Golden' swaddle" (as pictured below).
    Newborn Babies in Swaddles
    Explore our range of Stretchy Baby Announcement Swaddle Sets
    View our range of Organic Bamboo Cotton Muslin Swaddles

  3. Essentials like Nappies, Baby Bath Products, Wipes: You can never go wrong with gifting essentials like nappies, baby bath products, and wipes. These everyday items are a practical and useful gift that new parents will constantly need and appreciate.

  4. Tupperware Shape-O: This classic shape sorting toy is a fun and engaging gift that promotes motor skills and hand-eye coordination in babies. The toy all babies must have growing up. The colourful shapes and durable Tupperware design make it a perfect choice for endless hours of play and learning. Tip: As they grow use the shapes as cookie or playdough cutters! 

  5. Burp Cloths: One of the most affordable yet most practical gifts you can buy. Babies can be messy, and burp cloths are a lifesaver for keeping clothes and yourself spew free during feeding and burping. Look no further, you have come to the right place! We have an abundance of cute designs to suit everyone's style or theming. This is a practical gift that new parents will find indispensable. Do not underestimate how much these will be used, they will constantly be going through the wash, so think along the lines of... the more, the better! 
    Burping Cloths for Baby
    Shop the Smitten Bub Co. Burp Cloth range

  6. 4-in-1 Baby Bath: Bath time can be a challenge for new parents, but a 4-in-1 baby bath makes it easier and safer. With different stages for newborns, infants, and toddlers, this versatile bath tub grows with the baby, providing a comfortable and secure bathing experience at every stage. Our customers recommend the Fisher Price 4-in-1 Tub. 
    Fisher Price 4-in-1 Tub

  7. Hands-Free Breast Pump: Gone of the days you need to be attached to the wall and schedule in your pumping time. Breastfeeding can be demanding, and a hands-free breast pump is a GAME-CHANGER for new mums. It allows them to multitask while pumping, making it more convenient and efficient. Also a great gift for second time mums who might be chasing around a toddler or two! This practical gift will be greatly appreciated by any new mum. There are quite a few on the market now so please do your research however, here are some of the brands that have been recommended: 
    Medala Freestyle Pump
    Youha - Embody Wearable Breast Pump

  8. Baby Cook/Quick Cook Baby Food Maker: Introducing solid foods is an important milestone for babies, and a baby cook or quick cook baby food maker makes the process of preparing homemade baby food a breeze. It's a gift that promotes healthy eating habits from the start and is sure to be well-used by new parents. Be sure to check out: 
    Beaba Babycook  
    Tommee Tippee Quick Cook Baby Food Maker

  9. Jellycat Bunny (or Jellycat Friends): The softest plush toy you will ever get your hands on. This luxe toy has passed all safety regulations and is safe from birth (please do not leave your newborn unattended or sleeping with any toys!) A soft and cuddly Jellycat Bunny is not only adorable, but also a comforting companion for a newborn that they will treasure for years to come. Its plush texture and sweet design make it a perfect gift that will bring comfort and joy to the new baby. Shop our extensive range of Jellycat Bunnies - Small, Medium & Large as well as their friends such as Giraffes, Lions, Elephants & more! 
    Jellycat Bunny Jellycat Brontosaurus Jellycat Giraffe
    Shop our Jellycat range

  10. Missta Thermo: A Missta Thermo is a handy gadget that helps parents monitor the temperature of baby formula or breast milk without the need for constant testing. You can make a fresh warm bottle of formula in 24 seconds anywhere. It's a practical and innovative gift that ensures the baby's food is always at the right temperature, saving parents from unnecessary stress.
    Missta Baby Thermos
    Missta Baby Formula Thermos

  11. Pregnancy Massage: Pregnancy can take a toll on a woman's body, and a relaxing pregnancy massage is a thoughtful gift that provides much-needed relaxation and self-care for the mum-to-be. It's a pampering experience that will be greatly appreciated during the pregnancy journey. 

  12. Dribble Bibs: Babies drool... a lot!!! Dribble bibs are a practical and adorable gift that keeps the baby's clothes clean and dry. They come in various cute designs and are easy to clean, making them a must-have accessory for any new parent. Our bibs are backed with high quality terry-towelling to guarantee high absorbency. You also have the luxury of two buttons, so the bib will grow with the baby. Our range of prints match our swaddle sets and burp cloths, so why not pop your own little pack together.
    Baby Dribble Bibs 
    Shop our range of Bandana Dribble Bibs 

  13. Glow Dreaming Humidifier: Creating a comfortable sleeping environment is essential for a newborn, and a Glow Dreaming Humidifier is a fantastic gift that combines a humidifier, nightlight, and sound machine in one. It helps regulate the air moisture, soothes the baby with calming sounds, and provides a soft glow for a peaceful night's sleep.
    Find out more here

  14. Bassinet and Cot Sheets: Babies spend a lot of time sleeping. Soft and cozy bassinet and cot sheets are a practical gift that new parents will appreciate. Accidents can happen and usually during the middle of the night, so they are going to want multiple sheet sets at arms reach. Opt for high-quality, breathable, and hypoallergenic sheets that provide a safe and comfortable sleeping surface for the baby. Keep your little loves all snuggly during sleep time. Our sheets are with 100% Organic Jersey Cotton, you will instantly notice the premium quality of our fabric. 
    Little tip for you... if you are buying this for a gift see if you can find out the mattress size so you can ensure it fits, as there is no uniform size! 
    Organic Cotton Baby Cot and Bassinet Sheets
    Check out our collection 

  15. Baby Milestone Cards and Baby Announcement Disc: Celebrating the arrival of a new baby is a special moment. Baby announcement cards are a fun and sentimental gift that the new parents can use as a prop to share the news with family and friends. Ensure the parents-to-be never miss a moment, these cards will prompt them to capture that special milestone moment to share with their loved ones or for their own keepsake and memories to look back on. 
    Baby Wooden Announcement Discs and Milestone Cards
    View our exclusive Baby Announcement Discs

  16. Baby Carrier: A baby carrier is a must-have for busy parents on the go. It allows them to keep their hands free while keeping the baby close and secure. Look for ergonomic designs that provide proper support for the baby's hips and spine, and adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. Second time mums and dads rave about baby carriers as it allows them to keep their newborn close whilst still tending to an active infant or toddler. 
    Baby Bjorn

  17. Butterfly Maternity Pillow: Pregnancy can be uncomfortable, especially during sleep, and a butterfly maternity pillow is a unique design for sleeping and nursing. A thoughtful gift that provides support for the mum-to-be's growing belly, back, and legs. Just like us this product is Australian Made and has been voted Australia's #1 Maternity Pillow. 
    Butterfly Maternity Pillow
    Butterfly Maternity Pillow

  18. Electric Thermometer: Monitoring the baby's temperature is essential for their health and well-being, and an electric thermometer is a practical and extremely useful gift that makes it easy for new parents to check the baby's temperature accurately and quickly.  This is a gift that will keep on giving and something they can use for years to come. We don't have any particular brands or recommendations that have been sent to us but Google has some great reviews. 

  19. Baby Play/Floormat: A baby play/floormat is a versatile gift that provides a safe and comfortable surface for the baby to play, crawl, and explore. Look for mats with colourful designs, ultra soft and thick padding, and wipe clean materials, used for a fun and stimulating playtime. Our fan favourites have the be the Mikro and Munchkin and Bear mats, both Australian brands with lux baby floor and playmats that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. 
    Mikro Baby Playmat
    Munchkin and Bear Baby Playmats
  20. Snotty Noses Aspirator: Babies often experience nasal congestion, and a snotty noses aspirator is a practical gift that helps new parents clear their baby's stuffy nose effectively and safely. Look for a gentle and easy-to-use aspirator that comes with different suction levels for newborns and older babies. So many mums have told us this is an absolute lifesaver, and they wouldn't know what to do without it. 
    Snotty Noses Website

Still overwhelmed after reading this? I really don't blame you! Just remember at the end of the day, a baby shower is about celebrating the upcoming birth with your nearest and dearest, not about all of the extravagant gifts. Remember, it is the thought that counts! Here is one last checklist to help you making that final decision. 

  • Are you going Practicality over Aesthetics? - When in doubt opt for something that is functional and practical over something that looks pretty! 
  • Have you checked the gift registry? - This is a super handy reference, however not everyone will have one but definitely suggest checking this first! 
  • Consult a friend or family member that has just had a baby? If you are like us and don't consider yourself a baby expert, why not ask a friend or family member that has recently had a baby and find out what items they loved the most or found the most useful? 
  • Double check with the host to see if they already have the item you are considering? Whether it is the host, their best friend, Mum or Sister usually their close family and friends will know exactly what they need. 

You've got this! 

Your new bestie that hasn't had a baby but been around a lot of them! 

As always, we would love to know if you come across this blog and found it useful. Feel free to send your feedback and ideas through to us via our socials or email (