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5 products


5 products

♡ Hand Made in Australia by Smitten Bub Co. ♡

Our distinct comforters are available in few select designs in our most popular prints. Match comforters with various products available on our store for the perfect gift.

As well as being super cute, our soft and cuddly comforters are all about sensory development and enabling bub to learn to self-sooth. Plush minky dot fabric combined with silky smooth ribbon and a
removable beechwood teething ring provide tactile stimulation as well as comfort.

One product many uses!
Comfort items can serve as a source of emotional support and help babies and young children self-soothe, especially during times of separation or when they're feeling anxious or distressed.

Establish a bedtime or naptime routine. 

Machine washable - will get softer and more absorbent with each wash.

Size ~ 30cm x 30cm 

Please note: Due to the handmade nature the pattern placement and size may vary slightly to the original picture, providing you with a completely unique item.