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PRE-ORDER Koala Cuddles Swaddle Set
PRE-ORDER Koala Cuddles Swaddle Set
PRE-ORDER Koala Cuddles Swaddle Set
PRE-ORDER Koala Cuddles Swaddle Set
PRE-ORDER Koala Cuddles Swaddle Set

PRE-ORDER Koala Cuddles Swaddle Set

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We are now taking pre-orders for our most popular prints so that you don't miss out. 

The Koala Cuddles Set will be back in stock End of August. We will provide updates to any customers that have placed pre-orders as we progress through the stages of receiving, production and shipping. 

By placing a pre-order you will be required to pay for your items and therefore securing your set. When proceeding to the checkout please use the 'Message' box to advise your due date.

If you order additional items with your pre-orders we will be shipping this together. Please place two separate orders if you wish for them to be dispatched separately. 

NOTE: We will not be offering refunds for any change of minds. 

♡ Australian Made ~ Handmade by Us! ♡ 

Smitten Bub Co. offers the picture-perfect newborn baby swaddle blanket wrap set. Gender neutral baby blankets. Our receiving blanket and headband + beanie sets are unisex with each including a newborn swaddle blanket, matching top knot bow headband and knotted beanie hats.

Our Koala Cuddles Swaddle Set, a striking navy blue background with an assortment of eucalyptus leaves and cute cartoon like koalas as a continual print. An design capturing iconic Australia whilst keeping it adorable and sweet. A neutral print suitable for all babies and nursery themes. 

Soft & supple, stretchy to get that tight and firm swaddle, zip & velcro free & perfect for all seasons. 

Materials & Size 

  • All pieces in set are handmade by Smitten Bub Co. 
  • Cotton Lyrca - 95% Cotton 5% Spandex (220gsm) 
  • 100 x 100 cm

Recreate that secure and cozy feeling of the womb by swaddling your baby, the OG (original) way, like parents have been doing for centuries. Swaddle up your new baby up like a cocoon, to keep their arms tucked in and keep them on their back, to prevent that startle reflex that often wakes them and causes them become unsettled.

Our infant swaddle wraps are made out of a soft stretch fabric will allow you to choose how tight your swaddle your baby and allow for growing room rather than having to buy varying sizes like you would with a sleepsack swaddle. There is no particular size guide for this product (so ideal for those preemie bubs too), although this product is suitable for swaddling up to 6 months. But never fear, as you transition them out of the swaddle from 6-12 months you can continue to use this well into the toddler years. Useful for: 

  • Teddy bear’s picnics
  • Blanket
  • Dolls blanket
  • Pram/Stroller cover
  • Comforter
  • Burping cloth
  • A throw over
  • A backup playmat

...or even save it for your next baby!

Easy care – machine washable, recommended to wash with like colours on a cold or not hotter than 30 degree wash.

TIP: If you are using this set for a baby boy, do not let the top knot bow headband go to waste. why not use this to accessories your nappy bag!