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Newborn Baby Girl Headband Bow Gold and Yellow Set
Baby Girl Headband Bow Gold Yellow White Set

Baby Infant Toddler Headband Bow Set 6 pack - 'Midas Touch' Set

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You can never have too much Gold in your life! The cutest set that you can match with any outfit.

All bows in this collection come on a soft nylon band. The stretchy band will allow them to grow with your baby well and truly into their toddler years. With the bands being super soft and stretchy this will allow the bow to stay safely on your baby's head avoiding any tightness and red marks!

This set includes: 

  • Gold Glitter Knot Bow 
  • Light Gold Butterfly Leather Bow 
  • Gold Leather Bow 
  • Yellow Jacquard Bow
  • Purple Floral Bow 
  • White Circle Lace Bow